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Some Of The Things We Can Help With

Improved Attention: We teach you fun and easy to use techniques for getting your dog to pay closer attention to you.

Basic Skills: We will show you how to get more of the behavior you like and less of the behavior you do not like.

Develop Good Manners: Your dog will learn how to and happily offer behaviors like sit to greet, come when called, walk on a loose leash, etc.

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Puppy Socialization and Manners: Learn how to harness the boundless energy of your puppy while he learns about playing nicely, greeting new people and exploring new things in his environment. Did you know that the "Puppy Socialization" development period is very short; from about 4 weeks  of age until about 14 weeks of age?  Time is of the essence with the young ones.  A puppy that is properly bred and socialized develops into a confident and well-adjusted adult dog that becomes a terrific life-long companion. Only 1 DHPP + Bordatella vaccine are needed to get started.   

AVMA / AVSAB Position Statement on early Puppy Socialization and attending socialization classes.

Puppy 1 Socialization – Ages 8 -16 wks – 6 week course - $175.
Puppy 2 Manners Basics – Ages 16-26 wks – 6 week course - $175.
Perfect Puppy Package -  3 Classes (Puppy Primer, Puppy 1, Puppy 2) - $400

Adolescent Manners Basics: If you have an adolescent dog that is easing into his teen's or is charging in with feet flying, our adolescent manners classes are for you. Learn how to teach your dog to settle when requested, come when called, walk on a loose leash, etc. This class is for dogs that are older than 16wks of age and comfortable in the presence of other dogs and people.
Adolescent 1 Manners Basics – Ages 16+ wks – 6 week course - $175
Family Companion Package – 3 Classes (Basic Skills-Intermediate +) - $450

Intermediate & Advanced Skills: Does your dog aspire to work as a therapy dog, earn his CGC or just need some help working around distractions, longer duration behaviors or learning how to respond from greater distances from you? Our Advanced Manners class is for dogs that have completed our Puppy or Adolescent Manners basics classes.
Adolescent 2 Intermediate Manners – Level 1 Grad – 6 weeks - $175
Adolescent 2 + Out and About Manners – Level 1 Grad – 6 weeks - $175
Advanced Manners 3 – Level 2 Grad – 6 weeks course - $175

Short Courses: Is your time limited? Do you wish your dog would come when called or maintain a stay? If your dog is good at the basics but needs some fine tuning, we offer several 2hr - 4 session classes and workshops for our previous Manners Basics Grads targeted on specific skills such as: "Come", "Walking on Loose Leash", "Leave It", "Jumping up", "Around Town Practice", etc.
Leash Walking – 3 week course - $90
Recall 1 – 3 week course - $90                                              
Recall 2 – 3 week course - $90
Impulse Control Workshop – 2hr - $50
Leash Walking Workshop- 2hr - $50
Recall Workshop - 2hr - $50

Tricks, Games & Nosework: Our tricks, games & nosework classes offer a way to have a ton of fun with your dog and get some exercise too! We offer classes to help you teach your dog how to "beg", "shake hands", "bow", "crawl", and a whole lot more. In our great K9 games class we channel our love for competition and the spirit of teamwork into a fun multi-activity class and our Nosework class helps dogs and puppies build confidence while they hone their sniffer skills. This is a great way for your dog to burn energy, learn new things and / or take his skills beyond the basics.
K9 Games – Manners Basics Grads – 4 week course - $100
The Nose Knows– Ages 20+ weeks – 4 week course - $100
Tricks 1-Beginner– Ages 20+ weeks – 6 week course - $150
Tricks 2-Advanced– Tricks 1 Grad – 6 week course - $150

Human Only Classes & Seminars: We offer a number of classes and seminars designed to help the human family members learn more about why their dogs behave in certain ways, gain a better understanding of Learning Theory, learn the most updated canine training methods,  gain an understanding of developmental periods,  get the behaviors they want and get rid of behaviors they don't. 
Our human only orientation is required for our level 1 class attendees and is open to the public at no charge.  We cover topics such as: How dogs learn, What Socialization is, why socialization is so important and what your timeline is, We address topics such as fear and aggression and we teach the tenants of Positive Reinforcement Training.  Our dog loves to demonstrate during our orientation sessions!
Human Only Courses:
Human Only Orientation – 2hr session - $0 – Open to public
Conditioning NON-FOOD Reinforcers – 2hrs - $35 single / $65 Couple
Docoding Dogs Series 1 - Puppy Socialization – 2hrs - $35 single / $65 Couple
Decoding Dogs Series 2 - Development Periods, What to know – 2hrs - $35 single / $65 Couple
Decoding Dogs Series 3 - How Dogs Learn – 2hrs - $35 single / $65 Couple
Decoding Dogs Series 4 - Fear, Anxiety and Aggression when emotions are in play – 2hrs - $35 single / $65 Couple
Decoding Dogs Series 5 - Reinforcement "What is it, how do we know if it's working" – 2hrs - $35 single / $65 Couple
Decoding Dogs Series 6 - Common Problem Resolution – 2hrs - $35 single / $65 Couple
Decoding Dogs Series 7 - Behavior Modification vs Training – 2hrs - $35 single / $65 Couple
Decoding Dogs Series 8 - Taking skills to the next level – 2hrs - $35 single / $65 Couple
Orientation - New Student Human Only Course (open to public) – 2hrs - $35 single / $65 Couple
How Dogs Learn & Solving Everyday Behavior Problems – 4hr - $50 Single / $95 Couple
4hr Reducing Aggression, Fear, Anxiety and Over Arousal in Dogs – 4hr - $50 Single / $95 Couple

NEW! Virtual Coaching – If you only have a few questions or would like to chat on the phone, Skype, etc. we have training options for that too. 
1hr Private Coaching Session – 1hr - $90
Ask the Trainer - 30min Q&A – 30min - $50
New Puppy / Dog Selection Assistance – 1hr - $50
New Puppy Socialization Coaching – 1hr - $50
Note: Training rates listed on this web page are subject to change; see our registration page for actual rates at time of registration for classes and seminar events.

If you don't see a class you want on our registration page, send us an email at and let us know.  We may be able to schedule one.

For your convenience, you can view the group classes we currently have on our schedule by clicking this link:  Our Current Class Schedule
Click here to view our  Human Only Classes and Seminars
Registering For Class:

  1. Please read our class policies before registering.  Print a copy to sign and bring to your first class.
  2. To view the description of a class you can click on the class title on the registration page or in the calendar below.
  3. To register for a class, click the “sign up” button on the registration page.
  4. If you do not see the class you are interested in attending or have any questions or difficulties with registration, please contact us by email at or call 530-459-8767 and we will be happy to assist you.
  5. Once we receive your registration, you will receive a confirmation email from us with class details and logistics.

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