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Why Private Training?

With private training, you get individualized attention from a Certified Professional Trainer who will teach your dog the skills you need where you need them.  Whether you are just getting started with a new puppy, want to teach your dog some manners or have problem behaviors to resolve private training is your best option. A professional trainer can get results faster and then show you how to maintain those behaviors for long lasting results at home or in the real world.

Some Of The Things We Can Help With

A Puppy Perfect Start: House-training/potty training, socialization, early manners, crate and chew training, bite inhibition, getting your puppy used to being handled, alone-time training, puppy proofing your home, etc.

Nice Manners: Sit, down, stay, pay attention/watch, recall, leave it, loose-leash walking, waiting at the door, respectful greetings, go to your bed, etc.

Problem Solving: Jumping up, pulling or lunging on leash, barking & growling, fear and anxiety, separation anxiety, excessive chewing, digging, mouthing, rushing through doors, snatching food, etc.

Description: Puppy TrainingPuppy Primer

A comprehensive 1-hour session in your home that gives you a head start on puppy parenthood.

Did you know that the "Puppy Socialization" development period is very short; from about 4 weeks  of age until about 14 weeks of age?  Time is of the essence with the young ones.  We set you up with a systematic socialization plan and assist you with a house-training schedule, puppy biting, puppy proofing your home (hide the electric cords, place the plants strategically, buy a baby gate now…), crate and alone-time training, how to set up a long-term confinement area (much nicer than it sounds), provide some puppy training basics and generally get you, your family, and your house puppy ready.

Cost: $100   
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Private Tutoring (In-Home Private Training)

We train your puppy or dog in the comfort of his own home or in the problem locations while you’re at work or busy elsewhere. A customized training plan is designed for you based on your training goals and your dog’s learning style, we get the desired results and then show you how to maintain and grow your dog’s new skills.

From basic manners, to advanced skills, to  problem behaviors, whatever your training goals are, we can help you achieve them. With only transfer sessions to take part in, this program fits into the busiest of family schedules and the training is done by a certified professional trainer.
If you are pressed for time and need results, Private Tutoring is for you:

Get results. We give you a well-mannered pooch, quickly and easily.

Save time. You can stay for the training sessions or only participate in transfer sessions, the program fits into the busiest schedule.

Enjoy peace of mind. Your dog is being trained by a professional, in the comfort of your home.

Cost and length of program: Determined on a case-by-case basis depending on training goals. A detailed training plan is developed during your consult.
Initial 1.5hr consultation: $150
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Separation Anxiety Training

Does your dog suffer from Separation Anxiety?  Do you come home to house soiling, destruction, phone calls from neighbors or notes from animal control because of your dogs barking? Does your dog lick or chew sores on him-self when you are away? When you return home is your dog extremely aroused, jumping, barking and even biting in his extreme joy to see you? 

Separation Anxiety and separation related distress is an emotional reaction to being left alone, the unwanted behavior is an outlet for the pent up frustration, fear and anxiety a dog feels when being left alone.  In order to resolve the unwanted behavior problems and to reduce the stress related health problems for your dog, we will work with you to implement a customized desensitization and counter conditioning training plan to help your dog learn to be relaxed while you are away. 
Separation Anxiety is a very treatable condition and the methods we use are humane, time tested and science based.  The process is not fast but it is extremely effective. Thanks to the miracles of technology, we can help you no matter where in the world you are located.  If you have at least a phone and a computer we are good to go!
Contact us today to get started on the road to relief for you and your dog!

The Process:

  • Complete and submit a simple questionnaire
  • We will contact you for a short phone conversation to ask and answer questions.
  • A training plan will be developed and customized to meet your needs.
  • We will guide & coach you through the process of teaching your dog to relax while alone.                                               

Boarding School (Board & Train)

Description: Board and TrainWe train your dog full time in our home: Basic manners, Advanced skills or help with problem behaviors. We treat your dog as a member of the family and teach him new and better ways to behave.

Book your dog in for a Boarding School stay with us and get him back not just cheerful and content, but with improved manners.
For added convenience, Pick up and Drop off services are available. 

Cost and length of program: Determined on a case-by-case basis depending on training goals. This service is limited so call early to schedule your stay.

Initial 1.5hr consultation: $150
Click here to register or call 530-459-8767                                                           

Private Overnight Boarding
Description: Walk And Train

Do you Travel? Have you got a busy weekend coming up? Let us give your dog a home away from home with our Overnight Boarding service. Your dog will rest comfortably and safely in our house and be treated like one of the family so you can rest comfortably too.

Cost per day: $50. This service is limited so please call early to schedule an interview.
Dogs must be good with other dogs, reliably potty trained and have regular practice resting comfortably in a crate at night and up to 4hrs during the day.

Pet Tutor Affiliate Sales

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Description: petTutorLogoPet Tutor® is a patented revolutionary smart wireless training and game system for your pet. Train your pet using our smart remote. Reward for good behavior. Reduce barking, separation anxiety, fear and more. Provide hours of fun and interactive play for a more joyful fulfilling day. Turn feeding time into a natural, energy burning chase and play activity.

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How to Register for a private training session or behavior consultation:

  1. Click here
  2. In the Calendar, select any open training time, follow the instructions.
  3. If you need assistance or there is not an available time, contact us and we will be happy to help:
  1. Once we receive your inquiry, we will contact you by phone or email to confirm your appointment time and logistics. 

Sample Private Training Rates:
(Note: Actual rates may change without notice, contact us for the most current rates)


Delivery Method

Per Single Session/dog

Package 1

Package 2

Private Consultation


1.5hr Initial Session


In-Home Private Tutoring


Min 6 session plan  
$96 per session

7+ session plan   
$94 per session

Private Training: 1 Week - 3 Sessions
Private Training: 2 Weeks - 6 Sessions
Private Training: 3 Weeks - 9 Sessions
Private Training: 4 Weeks - 12 Sessions


Boarding School
Boarding & Training


Up to 14 days *$125/Day

15+ Days
*$110/Additional Day

Separation Anxiety  - Private  Virtual Coaching

2hr Initial Consultation

30 Day Plan
Per Consult  Agreement


Overnight Boarding
Cost per DAY  


Must complete pre-boarding interview prior to boarding.


  • Actual training rates are based on the specific training plan for an individual situation.  Your trainer will provide a detailed training plan and price during the initial training consultation and will partner with you to fine tune it.

  • Payment is due at the time a training / boarding reservation is made in order to secure a confirmed place in our training schedule.  It is our goal to make the payment process as easy as possible on the budget.   Financing and payment options are available to help families get the training they need without breaking the bank.   

  • Refunds will be given if a cancellation occurs at least 3 weeks prior to the 1st day of a boarding reservation and a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the first day of an In-home / Private training reservation.   Refunds will be total paid minus $50.   In the event of a cancellation over a holiday period a refund will not be given at any time after the reservation is made unless another client fills the vacancy.  Any and all exceptions or modifications will be included in the event contract made at the time of reservation.

  • In order for us to offer distance training options, $1.25/mile will be added for services provided >25 miles from our training facility (applies to In Home Training, Pick up & Deliver for boarding, etc.).  There is No charge for less than 25 miles or when clients come to our location.